Design Center

Our Design Center lets you do things that no other local jeweler can offer.

At Baxter’s, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to our customers’ every need. So it’s perfectly natural that we were the first jewelry store in the area to offer you the opportunity to create your own jewelry from nothing more than an idea. And we’re still the most experienced and best qualified to turn your dreams into reality. Whatever the design, whatever the gems, whatever the precious metal. Whatever you can imagine, we can make.

Other jewelers and “custom” jewelry

“Custom” simply means that something is made specifically for you. We’re willing to bet that when you think “custom” and “jewelry” you aren’t thinking that everyone else can get the same ring that’s being made for you. But that’s all that most other jewelers can offer. Buying custom jewelry from them simply means opening a catalog, picking a setting and choosing the diamonds or other gems to put into it – exactly the same settings and gems that they offer to anyone else who walks through the door.

We at Baxter’s can make you a truly unique item: if you bring us a sketch on a napkin, we can bring it to life. If you bring us old jewelry and tell us to “make something nice” out of it, we can do that too. How involved you want to be in the process is up to you. Like every other part of the Baxter’s experience, our Design Center is here to serve your needs. It’s just one more way that we build relationships with our customers — each one of them as unique and individual as the jewelry we can create.