Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.

Chrysalis is a new line of hand-crafted jewelry that embodies and celebrates the spirit of change. It is only through transformation that we can master life’s changes, and open the doors to growth and happiness. Happiness such as that inspired by the simple chrysalis2butterfly — which undergoes one of the most marvelous changes of all. So transform yourself with Chrysalis.

chrysalis3Butterflies are the inspiration for the entire design of each Chrysalis ring mounting we make, not just underside logo (shown at left). As you can see from the other examples on this page, our source of inspiration has by no means limited our creativity. With a large variety of exclusive styles, there’s a Chrysalis ring for virtually every jewelry budget.

chrysalis-logochrysalis4No other retail store in R.I. has the creativity, resources, expertise and dedication to quality necessary to create their own, unique, jewelry. As you would expect from us, each piece of jewelry in the Chrysalis line features gemstones which are handpicked and color matched for the best possible appearance. And because every piece is hand-crafted in our Warwick store, we can be absolutely sure that it meets our standards. More than fifty years of exceptional customer service stands behind this brand. Chrysalis. Created by us, just for you.